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Family Tree IntroductionRichard Bussell, May Eshleman, and Anna Bussell (baby)
Genealogy is fun! Sometimes it may also be frustrating, after all, my goal is to help ... not hinder, hurt, or otherwise offend anybody. In an effort to maintain privacy, I have opted to use a form of "searchable" database using PHP and MySQL for this site. Read more under "This Database Program" in the right column.
The First GEDCOM
The first GEDCOM file appeared on this site in June of 1999 with just over 1,700 individuals. Our family continues to grow.

The source of the majority of the first five (5) generations of Pepin dit Lachance is the Association des Familles Pepin books " La descendance d'Antoine Pepin dit Lachance et de Marie Teste" by Louis Lachance. The series of volumes is available from L'association des familles Pepin mentioned above.
Notice - Please Read
For ease of use, the Database opens in THIS window.
Clicking HOME on the database menu brings you back to this page.
Take your time to explore years of my own family research involving many of the families our ancestors are descended from or related to.

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Persons still living has been privatized for their security.
Other Sources: Aside from the 1st five genearations of Lachance listed herein, other information has come from a variety of sources including others who have made their information available to me for use on this site.
If you find errors, please please please......let me know.
Pepin / Lachance Family AssociationFAMILY ASSOCIATION

L'association des familles Pepin
Link to - L'association des familles Pépin, Lachance et Laforce ... has (what seems to be an inactive) website ON LINE. You may visit this site (both in French AND in English) by clicking HERE Opens in a New Windowor on the logo to the right.

Notice - Please Read
If you are looking for a GEDCOM File, please read this!

I receive MANY requests for GEDCOMS of my genealogy data. While I understand where you are coming from, you must also understand, I have spent a tremendous amount of time and money putting this together. This website (including all of my own errors and mistakes) is a result of my own doing (with some help of course).

I have received, and am very grateful for, information from many people through e-mail, regular mail, telephone conversations or otherwise, and have always entered the information manually. Further, my file contains thousands upon thousands of individuals, some of whom are still living; I do NOT want anything to slip through the cracks that should not.   I try my best to respect the privacy of others!

That being said, please do not ask me for a copy of the GEDCOM file. The information is here for you to copy if you wish to do so. If you want help, or if you want more information please e-mail me directly and I will bemore than happy to help any way I can.
June 18, 2013

Last Update & Number of Names in Database

The online database was last updated on the date listed above.

It includes more than 112,483 individuals and famiilies.

Updates "online" are only done about every 6 months. For information that is more current please contact me directly.

This program, TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building) is written by Darrin Lythgoe and truly represents the future of personal genealogy pages on the net.

Visit TNG The Next Generation of Genealogy Website Building by Darrin Lythgoe If you are building your genealogy website, you may wish to visit Darrins "TNG" site by clicking the image.
Now, you can help GROW this site by adding YOUR Lachance and allied family lines "almost" directly.
The "Add Family Worksheet" is working so now you can add whomever you wish and help continue to grow this site and the Lachance Family.
Adding your family is easy, as a logged in, registered user, simply click the "Add Family" tab at the top of the individual page you are viewing.

Legacy Genealogy Software - Simply the Best - Link to Legacy Website

Legacy Family Tree Website
I have been working with genealogy, using my PC since 1996. I began, in ernest, with Borderbund Family Tree Maker, version 2.0.
I am sorry that they "sold out" to but then, if they had not, I would never have found what I consider to be, positively, the best I've ever seen. I now use "LEGACY"Family Tree and I could not be more pleased.
My thoughts about Legacy LINKI have my own thoughts on this software HERE. Feel free to read might make a difference for you too.
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