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DATE Topic Update Description Quick LInk
23 FEB 2013 Captcha added So many people wanted me to know about Viagra that I had to find a way to help put a stop to the SPAM. Captcha has been added to the databse portion.
No Link - Just a change
23 FEB 2013 Add Family Group Sheet If you are a registered user, you can now add your family into the tree.
10 FEB 2009 Tell a Friend Powered By - Tell A Friend 2.0 written by Drew Phillips, finally a referral program with verifcation to stop the spammers. It works now.
08 FEB 2009 What's in a Name? The Story of the Name Lachance Thanks to Louise Guertin we now have a story of how the name "Lachance" may have come to be. Other "name" information is included on this page as well.
04 JUL 2008 Donations for Support I've been told I should, so I did. Certainly not a requirement, but if I've helped you by having this page, and you would like to help in return - donataions now accepted..
06 JAN 2008 My Life - Oakland Years After years of procrastination, "My Life" is continuing - The Oakland Years - is now up and running. Get to it from th "About My Life" link on the left or "My Life" at the top.
10 DEC 2006 Recipe Collection Added a French Canadian Heritage Recipe Collection, a place where all may submit a recipe from our French Canadian ancestors as well as an archive of those submitted.
25 NOV 2006 Happy 80 Mom On Friday, September 8, 2006, Anna Bussell LaChance celebrates her 80th birthday with family. Presents unwrapped, and celebrity style day is planned. Read all about it by clicking the link at the right.
01 NOV 2006 Launched
After finally getting a domain name with the acutal last name, the new domain is up and running. You are already here viewing it. Welcome to the latest interation of the Lachance Bussell Family genealogy.
You are Here - No Link
01 NOV 2006 Guestbook Revised So that there are no advertisements and third parties involved, a new guestbook has been made and is now housed on this website. All courtesy of Lazarus, a free guestbook script. All previous entries from HTML Gear - Lycos, were transferred into the new guestbook. For your own Lazurus Guestbook, visit the website at External Website - Opens in a New Window Lazarus Guestbook by clicking on the name.
10 OCT 2003 Names Database New Format HTML based databases take up too much room. I've discovered TNG (The Next Generation) and now use this MySQL based program to provide the surnames database. It is really the best I've seen to date.
23 SEP 2001 Quebec Journal Added to the site A work in progress, this is a story of my first trip to Quebec, the people, places, sights etc.
30 JUL 2001 Happy 80th Cecile Antoinette Bussell On Friday, June 8, 2001, Cecile Antoinette Bussell celebrates her 80th birthday with family. Presents unwrapped, lunch served and a good time to be had by all. Read all about it by clicking the link at the right.
15 FEB 2001 Noah Jacob Lachance arrives
On Thursday, February 15, 2001, Noah Jacob Lachance arrives in this world to carry on the Lachance heritage. Read all about it by clicking the link at the right. Opens In a Separate Window for posterity.
21 MAR 2000 Add Your Family
Add your own family to the ON LINE Data Base. An "On-Line Family Group Sheet" has been added so, it you would like, you may contribute to the ever growing database of Lachance family names. Check it out on the helper page by clicking on the link to the right
9 MAR 2000 FAQ for the Web Site
I had no idea how popular this site might become and lot's of questions have come up. I have attempted to answer the most common ones here.
9 JAN 2000 Ile d'Orleans Fact Page Added With the help of Rita and Come Lachance, a brief history of our "home place" is now on line. It is linked in the Lachance page on the navigatin bar or, you may click here.
4 DEC 1999 Tribute for my Grandmother The passing of my grandmother has had its impact on my life and I'm certain it has impacted others. She was a wonderful "fun" lady, loved by many. To her, I dedicate this page.
9 OCT 1999 Bussell Family Reunited For the 1st time in over 100 years, the Bussell Family came together again!. Those photos are now on line.
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