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A grazing cow, near St-George

Québec Travels
August 30, 2001 thru September 9, 2001

This is the gateway to the different places I traveled during my trip. My first three days were spent in Lewiston, Maine. With my rental car I ventured northwest to Québec. There are a number of photos, special pages created for some of the places and people I visited and for the mostpart, a "snapshot" of a memory that is firmly planted in my mind and one I will never forget.

I am adding pages as I build them. It is a slow process, but eventually they will be complete. Please check back once in a while to see what's been added. When this message is no longer displayed, the pages are finished. I had a most wonderful journey and I'm having fun building the memories into a place that all can visit and witness the beauty of the people and the province. Have fun.
Pages are not in any particular order yet, when complete, they will be organized chronologically
Train Haut-St-François
A trip to Bishops Crossing and the train at Bishopton. Multiple pages including a a link to the official website listing a number of excursions. Many thanks to Gilles Lalancette and Joanne Roubieck.
Lewiston, Maine
Multiple Pages
Three days in Lewiston with visits to cousins Roger and Adrienne Sutton; Gil Beaule; Flo and Norm Dube; and St.Peter's Cemetery; Sts Peter & Paul Church; The Farnham House...lot's of stuff to look at - click on the map to the right to get there.. Click Here to Visit Lewiston
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