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THE DONATIONS PAGE - Purely Optional
Puppy is Hungry Adding this page up reminds me of a song by the Temptations - "Ain't to proud to beg". I have had several people suggest that I do this, but have always been a bit uneasy about it and I really didn't see the necessity for such a thing.

Today, I made the decision to go ahead with this idea. The costs of high speed internet combined with the cost of an "ad free" server to house the site add up to just less than $1,000 a year. I'm not complaining, just stating the fact.
PayPal Logo
A subscription to PayPal isn't needed to make a donation and you can contribute with a credit card or debit card.
Cards Accepted by PayPal
At the end of the day, it's nice to think that there are people out there who find this stuff useful or even that I have acutally helped someone with their family search. It is always reassuring to receive emails from people to thank me for my work...this is what keeps me going...along with the fact that I do enjoy it.  It's a fact though, that all of this "stuff" takes money to keep going. If you think I have helped and you care to make a donation, no matter how small an amount it may be, you can rest assured that it will be not only helpful, but very much appreciated.
That said, if you wish to do so, I have set up a PayPal account to accept any assistance anybody might be willing to provide. The PayPal process is secure. Donations go directly to me at If you think it's something you want to do, click the "Make a Donation" Button at the upper right - and thanks for your support.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you get to the payment screen at PayPal, you will see the words "Create a Paypal Account or Login". If you don't have a PayPal account, you may continue to complete the information on the screen (you are not becoming a member).

At the bottom of the form, you are asked for your EMail Address and to create a PayPal password.
PayPal Donation Screen Shot
The purpose of your email address and the password is to allow you to receive an "email receipt" from PayPal AND, for future reference, if you ever have a need to call PayPal to get information about donations you made or payments you've made using their service, your email and password is all you need to get that information. You should record your password for future reference, if you have never done this before.

I thought it was important to put this here because it can appear like PayPal is asking you to "sign up" which is not the case. Thanks for your support.
Donations are NOT Tax Deductible   Donations are NOT tax deductible...that I know of.
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