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Oakland is a borough comprised of 8.6 square miles in Bergen County, New Jersey, in close proximity to New York City. As of the US 2000 Census, the population was 12,466. Also, in 2000, 14% of Oakland residents report German ancestry, and 16% report Irish.

Oakland was incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 8, 1902, from portions of Franklin Township.

Oakland Logo and Illustration - from (The Years Between) - 1964  
The Next 6 Years -

We moved from Pompton Lakes to our new home at:
161 Page Drive
Oakland, N.J.
(State names were abbreviated, but not like today - notice the periods; and zip codes weren't introduced to the public until 1963, about the time we were leaving New Jersey)

Even phone numbers were different then...ours was FEderal 7-8769.

This part of my life is where I do have some memory, but not a lot. Most of what happens in New Jersey ... stays in New Jersey ... and we left in 1963.

What follows is the story and the pictures of the 6 years the Lachance family spent in Oakland.

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The house was purchased, new, for something in the neighborhood of $13,500 - complete. I do not know how much it sold for in 1963 when we left. Much like everything else, however, this home has increased in value. I checked the tax records for Oakland in 2007 and found the information at right.

While under construction, mother was keeping a watchful eye, visiting the job site almost daily. The painter would always greet her by saying "here comes carrot-eyes" again. Seems she had a knack for finding each and every flaw and, I understand the concept.

2007 Tax Roll
  • 61 Page Dr
  • Oakland Boro, NJ
  • Block: 3601 Lot: 5
  • Width: 125 X Depth: 175
  • Land: 294,800.00
  • Build: 129,600.00
  • Total $424,400.00
Evolution - 50+ years...Things certainly do change over time, don't they! - Click to open full size Uses Java To Open
1957 - Shortly before we move in
1958 - Home Sweet Home
161 Page Drive - 1957 161 Page Drive - 1958
1994 - We've been gone 30+ years
2004 - Ten Years After
161 Page Drive - 1994 161 Page Drive - 2004
Take a ride up Grove Street - 1957 with Home Movies of the house under construction. (see note)  Top of Page
Click to Open Windows Movie File - IT'S A BIG FILE
To get this here, I used -
 Video Clip - 1957
 Source: 8mm Home Movie
 Camera by: Bill Lachance
 Run Time: 3 minutes
 File Size: BIG - 7.3mb

NOTE: This is a Windows Media Player Movie File and most likely will not work with anything but Microsoft Internet Explorer - sorry about that!

It begins with Larry in Pompton Lakes and then takes you on a road trip up Grove Street to the intersection of Page Drive (in 1957). The attention is then focused on a tour of the house while it was under construction - all with the soundtrack of the Del Vikings and the '57 hit - "Come Go With Me". - Hope you enjoy!

If we are A Nation of Immigrants - Our neighborhood was well represented!
Larry with Dad
during the construction

Genealogy allows one to take notice of names, even when they are not our own, and names sometimes give us insight as to origins. If the United States is a "melting pot" of immigrants, our neighborhood in Oakland at the time looked like a snapshot of the nation. Some of our neighbors included: Litcher, Riccio, Kazerski, Mayer, Guillerm, Rockwell, Worshek, Hutchinson, Ahlers, Schneider, Hertel, Cagiano, Leonardo, and Gaylor, among several others.

Larry with Dad 1957
Click to see large map I took a satellite image from the net showing the houses and marked it with the names of the families that lived nearby in 1962. They are not only neighbors but many childhood friends, some of which I will never forget. Click on the image below to open it full size in your browser.
More of Oakland pictures and memories on page 2
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