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  The "poverbial" - INTRODUCTION here's the deal...this is MY life!!!
... so I get to tell you about it anyway I choose... is, afterall, MY life!
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak no Evil  
So this is the way things are....I have chosen to link anything and everything that is linkable in the story of my life. ALL of the links open in a new window that you can close up when you've finished with them and come back here ...that is of course if you even click the link at all....

The links, for the most part, are NOT on this site...they are links to places and things that are, in some way, significant to me. Now this may sound a bit self-serving and, most likely, that's because that's actually what it is...self serving I mean!

I must say that finding the links and reading the material has been fun!. So, the bottom line is, if you're here and you're reading this, there MUST be some interest or you are incredibly bored and have nothing else to do...hahaha. Have a great time..I know I did making this.

It's NOT my Fault!

I know that talking about people and places may bring up some unknown or unwanted information. I want you to know that I have no intention of offending anyone with any of my stories or any of the content of this website. If, somehow, you find something that you are offended by, then I apologize. But, there's always that but, at the risk of being redundant, it IS my life and it's told like it is, not some fantasy world.
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