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Last change date is at the bottom of each page. the story of My Life! (also known as)
You've been around HOW LONG???

More familiarly, I am ... ... and counting
I arrived in the world on Wednesday, September 2, 1953 at 1:15 am. Somehow I think my mother would have preferred a daytime arrival...but then I've never really been on time for anything. This arrival occurred at St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. Weighing in at 8 pounds, my eyes were blue when I was born and my hair was a reddish blond. Wanna See?? Just click "Me in 1953!" ---- HERE. Dr. C.R. McCune along with a nurse named Shirley assisted during the exciting event.
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Opens in a NEW Window Its my life, I must look like somebody! On a whim, I visited and did their "facial recognition thing". I'm impressed! Check it out, click the button to the left and see who I look like...even if it IS scary!
The Proverbial Baby Book
I have learned that my birth was registered in Paterson, NJ. When I left the hospital to go home....I found it at 718 Colfax Avenue in, Pompton Lakes, NJ, at one time just a small town in Passaic County. The Tri County Chamber of Commerce serves Pompton Lakes as well as many other municipalities around the area. Click on Chamber of Commerce to get there.

There are some strange (to me anyway) things in this book, for instance, the first toy I played with was a "rattle" ...gee...I wonder if that has meaning??

My father, who was working as a Medical Service Representative for White Labs, was 29 years old when I was born and my mother who was a "typist" before marriage, was 27 years old.

Also from my "Baby's Early Years" book as well as from things my mother has told me she remembers, I have other things I can tell about those early years. First, the book itself was a gift from my Grandparents, Valdora (Desjardins) and Lawrence J. McKenna. They signed it, as you can see on the right.

There is a question in the book that asks "Who does the baby resemble?" My Mother answered ... "Father"

My first visitor was "Gert Daly" a neighbor... and the first time I ever left home was to go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner on November 23rd, 1953. Pretty amazing stuff, huh??

Grandmother and Grandfather signed the book
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Of course, I received gifts from strangers when I arrived. Just a note...I feel certain that everyone was strange at that point. And, I can only assume, the gifts were nice!. These people gave me something...I have no idea what.

  • Mom and Pop Mckenna (Valdora and Lawrence Joseph)
    (my grandparents)
  • Betty and Eddie Anderson
    (Friends of Mom and Dad from Orange, NJ) Also my God Parents from what my mother tells me. My mother worked with Betty at some point in the past (late 1940's I assume, but I don't know where).
  • Lucien and Adrienne Sutton
    (my cousins on the Desjardins side)
  • Antoine and Clarise Lachance
    (my "blood" grandfather & his 2nd wife)
  • Aunt Rose and Uncle Harvey Lachance
    (my great aunt and uncle on the Lachance side)
  • Florence and Norman Dube
    (my cousins on the Lachance side, daughter of Uncle Harvey and Aunt Rose)
  • Mr. & Mrs. (Elaine) Eugene Wendling
    (Val, my grandmother, used to work with her making hats)
  • Jean and Henry Anderson
    (Friends of my grandparents...apparently of my Grandmother. I am told they had a daughter, Gloria, and later moved to Winter Park, Florida where they owned and operated a Mobile Home Park.)
  • Joe and Janet Carhart
    (Neighbors on one side of our home in Pompton Lakes ... they had two boys whom both my brother and I visited)
  • Mom Bussell (May Eleanor Eshleman)
    (my grandmother on the Bussell side...also known as "Nana")
  • John and Hazel White
    (they were neighbors across the street and they had a daughter named Donna. Donna was either born at the same time or somehow or another, very close to my age. A picture of Donna with me, sitting on the front steps of our house in Pompton Lakes is below.)
This handy little book also tells me that I was baptized on the 15th day of November 1953, by Mr. Heemstra at the Pompton Reformed Church in Pompton Lakes...or was it Pompton Plains then...there seems to be some confusion about the town. I do believe, however, that I do NOT remember. It made for a nice picture anyway.

Our neighbors besides John and Hazel White across the street included Joe and Janet Carhart and their children on one side, Gert and (...can't remember his first name) Daly on the other side and another couple, Frank and Dot Briggs also across the street. Frank and Dot had two girls, one named Nancy.

me...and I never knew what hit me!
Donna White and Larry Lachance - Front Steps, 718 Colfax Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ
Donna White and Larry Lachance
June 1955

So now, I'm in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey... I have little to no recollection of actually living there. I suspect there may be several issues involved as to why I can't remember it, but primarily, I don't think I even knew I was alive yet!

I recently came across a newspaper article (from sometime in late 1954) about my mom, while we lived there. She entered a contest and WON!!! Amazing....I play the Florida Lottery every week and yet....I haven't won! There were a number of other names of people from the area that were called. They are:


Click HERE if you'd like to read the article.

One memory I have is of my Dad telling me he used to watch Joe Lewis, (who in 1949 was the undefeated heavyweight boxing champ), jogging around and training for fights. My mother recently confirmed this when she told me she could see the training camp from their bedroom window. She has a very clear memory of Sugar Ray Robinson driving around town in his Purple convertible.

We didn't stay in Pompton Lakes very long...well, not in my life anyway...I guess Dad had ideas about a bigger, newer house, or maybe it was my mom...but someone got the idea so here we's 1957 and we're to the next town over...Oakland, NJ.

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