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The Flag Of Québec Introduction
The Lachance Family

aka "the lachances of my family and others"
The Flag Of Québec
La page généalogique de Larry Lachance - Bienvenue chez nous

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  This page is another (not related to my website) Lachance family homepage! Lachance Family dot Com is presented in both English AND French (my hats off to them for doing this), this is a very well produced and quite informative website for the Lachance family.

In some cases, there exists overlapping information but between the two of us, we have most of both the US and Canada covered. This site is presented by Therese & Richard Lachance of Canada. Go visit this family...I highly recommend it!
Link to: L'association des familles Pépin et des familles dérivées: An association devoted to our family was established some time ago. it is known as, L'association des familles Pépin: The website exists, however, as of February 2013, I do not know if it is being maintained. The current web site (both in French AND in English) may be accessed by clicking the link above or on the page logo pictured to the left. A link back to this site has not been updated in over 3 years.
If anyone knows or hears about updates to this association website, please let me know.
Bonjour Québec
I've added a journal of my travels to Québec and Lewiston, ME
Summer 2001 - a work in progress that I haven't been working!
Click here to go to pages devoted to my trip to Maine and Québec
This is a series of pages detailing my visit with links to other pages of places I visited, people I met and things I saw. Feel free to visit by clicking on the Québec Map to the right.

First, please allow me to set the record straight! My abilities...or lack thereof...with the French language leave a bit to be desired! Je ne parle pas francais trés bon.
...I had a cousin on the Desjardins side of the family in Lewiston. In my younger days, I always "bonded" with him subconsciously although he never knew that. One day back around 1990 or so, he gave me a tongue lashing. The gist of the "scolding" all had to do with "this younger generation" (that would be me) not learning and continuing the use of the French language ... and ... how it was such a shame to lose this tradition!!  
... I agree AND, I took that short "sermon" to heart and although I certainly am NOT fluent, I can understand (with effort) most of what I read and a little bit of what I hear. I find that it is my verbal reply that is most difficult. I continue to learn, but without using the language daily or having someone to speak with, like almost anything else, one loses a lot.
... So for my "inability," I apologize to those that truly do care. I especially apologize to my cousin to whom tradition and family truly did have meaning.
...As I continue my research into this Lachance family, I am confronted with many things French including web pages, information, and email. While I admit it is difficult...thanks to you "Babe", I AM ABLE to make some sense of it all!! So now, on with the Lachances!

Gone But NEVER Forgotten!
Pierre Evano "Babe" Desjardins - 1913-2003
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Our Original Ancestor
Read More about Andre Pépin dit Lachance ---->

The Lachance heritage is sprinkled with many stories from many people along the way. One thing we know for certain is that a great number of the Lachances alive today most likely derive from the stock of Andre Pépin, a merchant (b about 1605) and his wife, Jeanne Chevalier of Le Havre, Normandy, France.   Their son Antoine Pépin, who adopted the “dit” name, Lachance, (born 10 April 1636) arrived in Québec between 1651 and 1652.  Here, he married Marie Testé (daughter of Jean Testu/Testé and Jeanne Talonneau) in 1659. Antoine is the original North American resident from which so many of us descend. Together they lived in L'Île d'Orléans, a small, picturesque island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River in Québec.Top of Page - Dessus de Page

Crest of l'Île d'Orléans
An l'Île d'Orléans History Page was added to this site on January 9th, 2000, written in part by our cousins, Rita Lachance and her husband Côme. Click on the L'Île d'Orléans image to the left or the words above to visit.

Antoine Pepin dit Lachance died and was buried at Sainte-Famille, Île d'Orléans, Québec, Canada in January of 1703. The Pépin dit Lachance family moved on to Saint-Jean on the Île in very short order. Enough Lachances began their lives in the Parish of Saint-Jean to fill volumes of work.

Pierre-Georges Roy, L'Ile d'Orléans, Québec, Commission des Monuments Historiques de la Province de Québec (Ls.-A. Proulx, Impimeur du Roi), 1928, 505 p..

The Pépin dit Lachance, some of whom, over time, dropped the name Pépin in favor of Lachance, left their roots on the island in large numbers and ventured further into Québec and the surrounding areas where today they may be counted by the thousands. Others went even farther and for those of us in the US, we may be counted among those who left.

While I haven't found a lot of information about Antoine, we do know that he became involved in one of the first lawsuits in Canada. For more on that story, see The Story Of Jacques Billaudeau , originally from Fred Warren's Genealogy Site, now included on the website.

From whom am I descended? Well here it goes...

1) Jean Pépin dit Lachance, (A son of Antoine and Marie Testé) married first, Renee Guyon on October 25, 1688. He married a second time on October 30, 1703 to Marie-Madeleine Fontaine, at (St-Jean-Baptiste) St-Jean, Île d'Orleans, Québec, Canada.

2) They had a son Gervais born, October 30, 1714. Gervais married Marie-Angelique Blouin dit Laviolette October 21, 1743 at Saint-Jean, Île d'Orléans.

3) The son of Gervais and Marie-Angelique another Gervais Pépin dit Lachance married Marie-Anne Hebert-Lecomte.

4) Yet another Gervais is born and he marries Marie-Angele Thibierge on April 23, 1804.

5) Gervais and Marie-Angele have a son, Alexis, (ahhhhhhh, not a Gervais) who marries Marguerite Talbot August 07, 1832 at Saint-Gervais, Québec, Canada.

6) The next generation is Joseph Lachance who married Marie-Zoé Beaudoin at Saint-Evariste-de-Forsyth, Québec, Canada, January 28, 1856. Joseph and Marie-Zoé had 15 children.

7) It was their son, also a Joseph, who married Malvina D'Aoust on November 4th 1889 at Escanaba, Michigan. These two would be my great-grandparents.

I continue to find information about my Great-Grandfather and as time goes on will add it to this site. For now, I will have to wait. What I do know is that Joseph married Malvina D'Aoust November 04, 1889 at Escanaba, Michigan. Joseph had left St. Evariste to go to Michigan to work on "the railroad" ... I must assume it to be the Grand Trunk however I am not certain of that fact.

Through the different moves made by Joseph and Malvina they managed to have 10 children, one of which was my Grandfather, Antoine Lachance who was born, according to his certificate of birth, and the parish record, June 14, 1905, at St-Adolphe-de-Dudswell, Québec.

Baptism of Antoine Lachance

St-Adolphe (Dudswell) is a small municipality about an hours drive from St-Evariste - (using an automobile that travels faster than 35 miles per hour). I also know is that his birth was assisted by a midwife. All appearances are the Joseph and Malvina left Escanaba to travel north (perhaps continuing to work on the railroad) and stopped for a couple o years at Dudswell (St-Adolphe), before moving on to St-Evariste. Top of Page - Dessus de Page

Antoine ( He was always Tony ) ended up emigrating to the US, through Island Pond, Vermont (by rail) and then on to Lewiston. The Grand Trunk railroad came out of Canada, through Island Pond and before getting to Portland, ME, there was a spur to Lewiston. Perhaps this is the route that Tony travelled.

8) On November 12, 1923, in Lewiston, ME, Antoine married Marie Oneida Desjardins, daughter of Wilfred R. Desjardins and Marie-Clara Simard. Marie Oneida (it was spelled Onida on her birth certificate) was born December 14, 1904 in a house owned by Dr. Martel in Lewiston, ME. I am not quite sure how it happened but her name became Valdora and she kept that name all of her life. I am fairly certain she made this choice of her own volition.

Together, they had one son, Wilfred Joseph Bernard Lachance (father of Paul and Larry Lachance - my brother and me). Antoine (Tony) died July 27, 1970. His obituary follows:

Antoine Lachance BRUNSWICK - Antoine Lachance, 65, of 23 Jordan Ave., died Monday at a local hospital after a few months illness. He was born at St. Adolphe, Que., June 14, 1905, the son of Joseph and Malvina D'aoust Lachance. As a young man he moved to Lewiston, coming here to make his home in the early 1930's. Mr. Lachance had been employed as a bookkeeper at the Vaillancourt Body Shop and had also worked as a bookkeeper for the Caron Body Shop. Earlier work was in the textile industry, and during World War II he worked at the Bath Iron Works. He was a former member of the Brunswick Lodge of Elks. He wife, Clarisse Bernier Lachance, died in 1965. Surviving are a son, Wilfred B. of Hohokus, N.J.; two sisters, Mrs. Marie Paquette of Brunswick and Miss Clara Lachance, Lewiston; a brother, Herve, Brunswick; two grandsons and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday from St. John's Church, Interment will be in St. John's Cemetery. Friends may call at Demers Funeral Home Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Valdora (Marie Odina) Desjardins Lachance, also remarried. She passed away on May 4, 1999. I was very close to her and her passing has taken its toll. By creating a page, in remberence, I have done what I can to immortalize her name, and her life. You may visit this page by clicking on her name above, or HERE.

9) Wilfred Joesph Bernard Lachance (our father) married Anna Elizabeth Bussell, daughter of May Eleanor Eshleman and Richard Harold Bussell. From there, as they say, the rest is history.Top of Page - Dessus de Page

To view a descendent tree (without any links) from Antoine Pépin dit Lachance diretlcy to me, (Lawrence Joseph Lachance), click on Ancestors button ----->.
The Lachance Family - Circa 1912
Click to see a full size version ©.

The photo was taken around 1912. ©

As far as I can tell...(of this particular line of Lachance's)...this is the first...

Lachance Family Home Page.

The Lachance family pictured on the left is of my Great Grandparents, Joseph and Malvina (nee D'Aoust) Lachance (seated in the middle) and nine of their ten children.
Position of those in the photo
Back Row:
Anne-Marie, Exilia, Henri, Eva, Joseph-Hervey, Marie-Clara
Front Row:
Antoine my Grandfather, Maria, Joseph, Malvina, Josaphat
Of the Lachances pictured above, I have managed to locate all of the descendents except Josaphat. Josephat, as far as I can determine, rode the rails from Maine to wherever the rails went in the 1930's and 40's, and hasn't been heard from since. At the time of great-grandfathers death, Josephat was believed to be living in Canada but nobody was ever certain. Adolphe is missing from the picture above as he had already died. All of the others are accounted for yet a lot of information is either incomplete or just plain missing.
If you ARE one of the "others", PLEASE, contact me and lets' get our family together again!!
As an aside, that would be an accomplishment considering the number of divorces and remarriages that I've come across in the Lachance line.
Please check back on occasion as I will continue to post information about the Lachance's in OUR family, and their whereabouts and be sure to check out the database here as well.
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