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Memories of the marriage of Sandra & David

This Day, I will Marry...

On Friday, August 8th, 2008, Sandra Lachance, (daughter of Paul Lachance and Sheila McGriff) married her best friend and the one she loves, David Jozwiak (son of Doris Jozwiak and Romero Ornelez).

Coinciding Celebrations

Half a world away, in Bejing, China, a celebration of the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics was taking place while under warm, blue skies at Willamette Valley Vineyard in Turner, Oregon, another celebration, this one of love and family, was taking place.

The meaningful words of the Wedding Invitation ...and so they set out on the path of a new life together, not as individuals but as two people who belong together, “best friends”, Sandra and David chose this time to make the world their own!

Sandra and David united in their friendship and their love for each other, committed themselves to one another, in what can only be described as a "perfect ceremony".

On this day, they celebrated their love for each other, their family and their friends. This event brought together an unlikely combination of people from across the nation, some seeing and speaking to each other for first time in many years, others who have never met. This was a day of family, friends, cordiality and celebration for the love each of us share with Sandra and David as they begin the journey on the road of life with each other. They ARE two people who "belong together" and we all wish for their dreams to come true and for their lives together to be long and happy.

If inspirational writer Hans Margolius was right when he said "One man by himself is nothing, two people who belong together make a world", then Sandra and David have the world at their feet.


Congratulations Sandra and David...From the "family" aspect, Paul Lachance is Larry's brother and Sandra is Larry's niece. This makes David, "the husband of the neice"...just in case you wanted to know.

One other small item to note while we are here is the "correct pronunciation" of Davids surname. I've done my best to define it in pictures below, as well as offer an audible pronunciation. So, there it is to the right. Mouse over the speaker for the audible. Be sure your sound is on! Below is your "hooked on Phonics" lesson for the day. Name:            Joz·wi·akListen to the pronunciation of Jozwiak
Pronunciation:     \jäz-wē-ak\
  Jozwiak, in pictures...
So that is J, like in John; +OZ, like the Wizard of; +WE, like from Nintendo; +ACK, like anti-aircraft gunfire called ack-ack
after all of this, we should be able to easily say - Jak sie nazywasz?
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