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Welcome Noah Jacob Lachance
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The Lachance Heritage Continues

Noah Jacob Lachance
Born: February 15, 2001 at 4:41 pm
Parents: Troy and Dawn


  • Weight: 8 lbs. 0 oz

  • Height:  21 inches

  • Heart Rate:  148 bpm

  • Respirations:  48

  • Head:  13 ½

  • Chest:  13 inches

How Did I Get My Name?

Funny you should ask. You see, this is how it happened. Troy and Dawn were discussing "baby names" and both thought it would be best if your name was unique. Now Unique doesn't mean a name like "Coca Cola" or "Elvis", rather they wanted something that would allow you to grow and be recognized. So Troy (your dad) spent countless hours searching the internet and bringing up names that might work. Many names were passed up and finally both Mom and Dad agreed that "Noah" was best. Noah, meaning "restful peace" sounded good and was unique enough to cause others to stand up and take notice, but not strange, enough that you would be picked on for having a weird name.

"Jacob" on the other hand, has a bit of meaning. You see, sometime back, when Dad was in his early 20's, he worked at a lumber mill in eastern Oregon. While he was there, he met a family that allowed him to become a part of their family. They treated him well, making him feel like he belonged there. In a way, your name is a memorial to this family and a way of remembering just how kind and warm-hearted people can really be. You may take pride in the knowledge that your middle name comes from the "goodness of warm hearts". You see Noah; this family's name was "Jacobs".

NOAH  (m) "a ceasing" (Hebrew). In the Old Testament Noah was the builder of the ark which allowed him, his family, and two of each animal to survive the great Flood. After the Flood he received the sign of the rainbow as a covenant from God. JACOB  (m) "to hold the heel" or "supplanter" from the Hebrew name Yaakov. The biblical Jacob (later called Israel) was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel. He was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. A famous bearer of this name was Jacob Grimm, the German linguist and writer who was, with his brother Wilhelm, the author of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'.

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Jacksonville , FL   32216
Telephone: (904) 399-6111

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