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Welcome to the Family Events & Happenings page. This is where you will find those "special" times that I have found a way to document. These events are a work in progress and will be posted, as they happen (and I have the opportunity to get them up here!). Listed below is an index of those times I've documented so far. Simply click on the image to get to the page.

A couple of pages open in new windows. You will see this icon when this is the case. After you've finished with the window, simply close it to come back here. A link to this page will also be provided on all event pages to get back to this page.
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Link to Sandra & David's Wedding
Sandra Lachance
David Jozwiak
At the Willamette Valley Vineyard in Turner, Oregon, a grand event took place. Sandra, youngest daughter of Paul Lachance and Sheila McGriff Lachance married her best friend, David Jozwiak. Enjoy the photos of the grand event...and some stories too.
08 August 2008

Link to Mom's Birthday Bash
Anna Elizabeth Bussell Turns 80
Anna Elizabeth Bussell Lachance (also known as "Mom") - Celebrates her 80th Birthday in style as she is given the celebrity treatment.
08 September 2006

Link to the Story of Caleb Andrew Lachance
Caleb Andrew
The journey continues "Part Deux" - Caleb Andrdew Lachance is born and this is his first web page.
09 December 2004

Link to Cecile Antoinette Bussell's Birthday Bash
Cecile Antoinette Bussell Turns 80
Cecile Antoinette Bussell Ridgely Mason - Celebrates 80th Birthday with family in Florida on a sunny Friday afternoon.
08 June 2001

Link to the Story of Noah Jacob Lachance (opens in a New Window)
Noah Jacob
The journey continues - Noah Jacob Lachance is born and this is his first web page. With the exception of a header and footer, the pages appear exactly as they were designed in February 2001 (for posterity)
15 February 2001

Link to the 1999 Bussell Family Reunion
Bussell Family Reunion
For the first time since 1898, more than 100 years ago, the descendants of Richard H. Bussell and Antoinette Louise Carlow have reunited. A grand time was had by all.
September 1999

Link to my Tribuite to My Grandmother Valdora Desjardins Lachance McKenna
Valdora Desjardins
Lachance McKenna
On May 4th 1999, I lost (we all lost) a great lady, my Grandmother. Forever in my heart, I will always love her. This is my tribute, my tiny contribution in hopes that she will always be remembered by those who knew her and those who didn't.
04 May 1999
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