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Can You Help Locate Roselie Bussell?

Locate Roselie Henderson?

Name: Roselie Van Buren Bussell Henderson
Date of Birth: July 5, 1888
Place of Birth: Camelot, "Barnegat" (Poughkeepsie), NY
Last Residence: Wappingers Falls, NY - 1929
Whereabouts: Remain Unknown

Roselie, in 1920 was still Roselie Van Buren Bussell and living in Poughkeepsie. Grandma Carlow (Mary Rebecca King Carlow) wrote her last will and testament on February 19, 1920 in Wappingers Falls. At the time, Roselie was the sole hier of the estate. Grandma Carlow died on January 18th, 1929 in Wappingers Falls. Roselie had apparently married prior as her last name was now HENDERSON residing at Hughsonville, NY. (about 2 miles from Wappingers Falls)

As an aside, buried in the same plot with Roselie's mother, Antoinette Louise Carlow, is a 2 month old infant, Philip H. Henderson. (possibly named for her brother?). The father is identified as Alex E. Henderson. The child died in 1917. So far, there is no information on Alex E. Henderson.



The reward is a lifetime of gratitude and appreciation for your efforts to locate our missing relative. Anyone who can offer information as to the whereabouts of Roselie Bussell Henderson will be gratefully acknowledged on these webpages.

If you have any information that might help our family to find Roselie Van Buren Bussell Henderson, please contact me by e-mail, letter, or telephone. Click on the link CONTACT ME on the navigation bar for my address and/or phone number...or simply click this Contact Link to be able to send me e-mail.

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