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Paul & Larry 1963
ALL about the Author
Lawrence Joseph Lachance
Paul & Larry June 2005
pictured with brother Paul

<---1963 Arlington, VA
2005 San Diego CA--->
See the Photos section of this site for more.
Because information is already available about individuals if one knows where to look, I decided to just let you know everything up front...this way ... you don't have to go out looking!
My given name is Lawrence, I go by Larry, or anything else you'd like to call me except "late to dinner"! Since 1992 I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida, and since May 2000, alone (except for my dog Odin- until he passed in September 2007). I am unwillingly single, with light brownish hair (with a just a bit of gray), hazel (sometimes greenish, sometimes grayish) eyes, about 190 lbs (more or less depending on the season) and I stand right at 6 feet tall. I love to travel when I can, going to Maine, visiting new places, going to theme parks, sitting home, designing web pages, and of course, genealogy. You will most often find me glued to my computer working on these pages, or searching for more family and thoroughly enjoying it. I also tend to like to cook a lot. I can't be a Chef because I have no formal training, but most seem to like my cooking. Some have even been suggested that I open a restaurant - HA!
Ok - On with the personal stuff...and the rest of the story
Full Name Lawrence Joseph Lachance
I was named after my "step-grandfather" Lawrence Joseph McKenna, husband of my grandmother, Valdora DesJardins. I am the youngest of two sons of parents Anna Elizabeth Bussell and Wilfred Bernard Lachance. My "Lachance blood" grandfather was Antoine Lachance son of Joseph Lachance and Malvina d'Aoust.
Born Wednesday - September 02, 1953
Click Here to visit St. Joseph's General Hospital
St. Joseph's General Hospital
703 Main Street
Paterson, New Jersey

"click on the picture to visit St. Joseph's"

Birth Sign Virgo (I've been accused of actually being a "stereotypical" Virgo - ouch, that hurts.)

People born under Virgo tend too be neat and exacting, but sometimes petty and overly fussy. (smirk)  They are reliable, practical, and diligent, but they can sometimes seem picky or overly critical to people who aren't as discriminating as they are. Because of their responsibility and attention to detail, people born under Virgo tend to be perfectionists. They can seem demanding and critical. The great strength of the Virgo-born is in their attention to detail and their desire to be of service. Their commitment to helping others makes them one of the most giving characters of the Zodiac.

Interested in reading the full report???  Click on the "Report" Link.

Personality Type ENFJ
Go take the Personality Quiz - Click Here
I decided to take a personality test on line once, just to see what it said. My results were "true to form". About me, it said... "These people are easy speakers. They tend to idealize their friends. They make good parents, but have a tendency to allow themselves to be used. They make good therapists, teachers, executives, and salespeople." Gee, go figure...and I've been in sales how long now??? Take the test for yourself....see what you the link to the left to find out.
Other Info
Flag of Quebec
American Citizen - Quebeçois (50%) and English, Austrian, Indian and some other unknown (the other 1/2) roots.
Places I've Lived
I've lived in New Jersey, Virginia, Okinawa, North Dakota, Texas and Florida. I play the lottery every week (obviously haven't won yet), I enjoyed 10 1/2 years with my bald "blue" doberman before he passed in September 2007, and I work (sometimes very hard!)...and for the most part, most people think I'm an "OK" sorta guy.
Home Address & Phone
Contact Me using the information here, or Click on "CONTACT" on the menu bar
11819 Lobrano Court
Jacksonville, FL USA 32223
Phone Number - (904) 268-1348
Cell Phone - (904) 588-8361
"why not list it, you can get it in the phone book anyway ..."

Want to know what it's like here? Visit the Official Home Page by clicking on "Jacksonville" in the address above.

About Me
This part is also known as:  Everything you may NOT want to know!

This is the part where I get to tell you all about me, where I've been and what I've done with my life so far. In that this is a task, in and of write about oneself, I decided to create a separate page...sort of my own "synopsized" auto-biography. If you really have nothing else to do...and you insist on learning more about me, feel free to click on the link to "About My Life" page here, or on the left.
Present Employment

Security Alarm Business
Performance Security - Link

Click on the logo to visit our Performance Security Home Page. Having left Honeywell in 1997, I returned in April of 2002. Honeywell sold the division in 2004 and we became HSM. Being sold again in December 2006 to Stanley, it was time to think about my future. It is the Security industry that I know best, and do the best why not make it on my own? Along with Bill Downing, we are Performance Security.

Education The Complete List!
Elementary School

Oakland Elementary School (see a photo by clicking here)
(I attended Kindergarten in what is now the Oakland Public Library - see picture at left)
Oakland, NJ
Robert E. Lee Elementary School
(This building is now a Recreation Center)
5722 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207
Nottingham Elementary School (see a photo by clicking here)
5900 Little Falls Road
Arlington, VA 22207
Junior High School Williamsburg Jr. High School (Visit Williamsburg ~ Click Here}
(Now known as Williamsburg Middle School)
3600 N. Harrison Street
Arlington, VA 22207
High School
Oakton High School Web Page
Oakton High School (Visit Oakton High School ~ Click Here}
(Ahhh, yes, I did...graduate that is...Class of 1971)
2900 Sutton Rd.
Fairfax, VA 22181
"Some" College
Northen Virgina Community College Home Page
Northern Virginia Community College
(see a photo by clicking here)
or click on the catalog to visit their Home Page
Annandale Campus
8333 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, Virginia 22003-3796
Degree A.A.S. Associate in Applied Science
Fire Protection Administration
Click on A.A.S. above to see Fire Science Program Requirements
Experience My Life At Work
(also known as, I've done far to many things already)
  This isn't a resume, and I don't intend to make it one...but, needless to say, in this many years, one truly CAN have done a lot of different things....I am NO exception!
The Early Years

1968 ~My first REAL job! Yorktown Shell, Gallows Rd at Rt. 50, "Full Service Gas Station" ~ that means I actually pumped someone else's gas, checked the oil and even cleaned the windshield..sounds old fashioned huh? Fairfax, VA ... $1.00/hr (the owner didn't have to pay minimum wage because I was still in school and was allowed to go to work on a permit).
1969 ~ Peoples Drug Store, Yorktown Plaza, Gallows Rd at Rt. 50, Fairfax, VA, Lunch Counter/Diswasher $1.25/hr. (Hey, It was an improvement! I was making more money!)
1970-1971 ~ Let's see, (there is some blurriness here) I am certain I did a few things besides get into trouble...let's see...I was a volunteer firefighter until I joined the Air Force, at Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Department (Company 13) at Tyson's Corner, VA...I worked on the "custodial" staff at Bedford Village apartments where I lived with my mother, and there was a short stint at Marriott In-Flight Services delivering food to the departing aircraft at Dulles International Airport in what is now, Sterling, VA,. and because I was in Distributive Education in High School, I worked at Woodward and Lothrop at Tyson's Corner in Men's Budget (lower level).
Somehow, I have to believe, I must have done some other things, besides washing windows, but they just didn't have enough impact on my life to remember them...whatever they might have been.
The Beginning

Oct 1971 ~ Following graduation from high school, I began classes at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. The goal was to "join the Marines". (somehow I'm glad it wasn't meant to be) Within about two weeks, it became blatantly obvious that I wasn't quite ready for College ... after futile attempts to enlist in a) the USMC; b) the USN; and c) the Army, I came across the USAF Recruiter in Falls Church VA...(he had his feet up on the desk, looking pretty relaxed, he wasn't busy, and I thought "hey, this can't be too bad".) was here..I made my enlist in the United States Air be guaranteed a job as a Firefighter! Now, there was NO guarantee where I might end up being stationed...but the way I figured it...I could make my list of preferred places on my "dream sheet" and hope for the best. At least, I had a better chance of staying out of Vietnam this way. ( I am a pacifist at heart ) So.....
Oct 1971 - Sept 1975 USAF, Crash Crew. Basic Training ~ Lackland AFB, TX ~ fire fighter training ~ Chanute AFB, (Rantoul) IL ~ first duty assignment - Kadena AB, Okinawa (now a part of Japan) (Jan 1972 - Sep 1973), and finally, Grand Forks AFB, ND until Sep 1975. And oh by the way...North Dakota was a tad bit that as ~ extremely.....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Afterwards The Military did me good...I grew up a bit...well, maybe a little more than a bit!
1975-1976 ~ Crash Crew ~ Dulles International Airport
1976 - 1977 ~Fire Fighter/EMT ~ Prince William County, VA
1978 ~ Fire Marshal ~ City of Manassas, VA
1979-1982 ~ A number of jobs, including, Stouffer's Hotel in Crystal City - Director of Safety and Security; Hyatt Regency Hotel, Safety Consulting; Kwik-Kill Exterminating Co., Sales Consultant
A Career Up until now, I wasn't certain what I really fact today, there are times when I'm still not certain.... I do enjoy the internet and genealogy though.
April 1982 - March 1997 (1995-1997 I was laid off, but still carried on the books as an employee) ~ Honeywell, Protection Services Division
Beginning a new direction...hired on as a "sales rep" in the Washington DC Branch, transferred in 1988 to Houston, TX to become a "sales manager"; and in 1991 to Jacksonville, FL to become a Branch Manager and fix a "sales" problem ... NOT!
March 1995 - April 2000 ~ Performance Security, Inc.
April 2000 ~ January 2001 ~ Cable & Wireless USA - District Sales Manager until they closed up shop and laid off the entire office in Jacksonville. Telcom was just not the place to be at the time.
April 2002 - May 2007 ~ Honeywell International Inc., Honeywell Security ~ HSM Security ~ Stanely Works Security.
May 2007 - Present ~ Performance Security Inc., in partnership with Bill Downing we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, customer focused, security company anywhere!
A New Direction Following a merging of companies, I left Performance Security to take on the challenge of District Sales Manager for Cable & Wireless USA. CWUSA was a Tier 1 Internet provider with services to business ranging from a simple internet connection via T-1 to dedicated web hosting and Application Service Provisioning. I liked it, it was fun and challenging. Unfortunately, in January of 2001, Cable and Wireless closed down the offices in Jacksonville, as well as in several other locations around the country and that left me unemployed. On June 1 of 2001, I returned to the field I know best...electronic security. I have taken on the challenge of "sales", this time without any management responsibility...I had hoped this would be my last career move but alas, things happen and once again I was with Honeywell - this time until I retire - or so I thought. Then it became HSM, then it became Stanley ...and now I really have to think about retirement. So...Performance Security it is... company is back, bigger and better than ever!
Interests I have many many interests...possibly far too many! So, here's what comes to no particular order -
Genealogy (go figure); Computers; cooking, (gourmet, of course); Collecting (mostly a collection of collections - autographs, stamps, Doberman paraphernalia, airline playing cards, old books, old photos, antiques, and other stuff); I enjoy playing in the dirt - gardening; Doberman Pinschers (did I already mention that?); watching television (especially old All in the Family episodes - finally on DVD); I love movies and music (all kinds ... from Abba to Zoot Suits); Meeting New People; Computer Games - especially Starcraft; and many other things far too numerous to mention...guess I just try to stay busy doing something. Favorite movies you may ask..."The Day the Earth Stood Still" - "Stand by Me" - "Titanic" and "Lord of the Flies". Favorite song...well, at least one I really really like - "What'll I do" written by Irving Berlin. I especially like it when sung by Linda Ronstadt. For the lyrics, Click below. My other song would be "Could I have this dance" sung by Anne Murray.
Click below to listen  Click below to Listen to and read the Lyrics of:
Link Opens in a New Browser Window Anne Murray - Could I have this dance
Link Opens in a New Browser Window Linda Ronstadt and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra - What'll I do
(both files are about 600kb and may be slow to load)
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