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If you don't know where you came from, how do you expect to know where you are going?
Hello and welcome to the family. My name is Larry Lachance, I am your host and a direct descendent of Antoine Pepin dit Lachance and Marie Teste of New France (aka Québec). On my mothers "Bussell" side, it appears we are related to George and Elizabeth Bussell(e) whom I believe departed England and arrived at the Port of New York aboard the Ship "Brig John" on Oct. 6, 1820. Enjoy your visit.
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The Original Cough Drop Man of Washington, DC, John L. Seamark married Harriett Eshleman, sister of John Martin Eshleman, great grandfather of your host.
Welcome to the Lachance & Bussell Family Genealogy Website
Lachance & Bussell
The Merger of Two Families

Bill Lachance and Anna Bussell on their wedding day.
One evening in late winter of 1945, a transplanted young woman from Washington, DC, Anna Elizabeth BUSSELL, left the apartment she shared with her mother at 297 Lincoln Ave in Orange, NJ to go out with a few friends. The destination was a couple of blocks away, a place with adult flavored potable libations.

There, she met one Wilfred Joseph Bernard LACHANCE (aka Bill), recently returned to his mothers apartment in Newark from "the war" (WWII).

The details of that first encounter are not important but that chance meeting would result in a short period of dating, a subsequent engagement and a marriage on August 18, 1946 at Grace Episcopal Church in East Orange, NJ.

This marriage lasted almost 16 years and the result, as they say, is history, not to mention...this website. More about the ancestors and descendants of Wilfred (Bill) Lachance and Anna (Ann) Bussell can be found by clicking on the respective surname links on the left of the page.

If you want to view all of the families, click on "Names Database" in the menu.

General Website Information
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What is the Purpose of THIS Web Site?

The Purpose of this Web SiteIt all began with thoughts of my family and my ancestors and I realized just how little I really knew about any of them. I’m sure my life would have gone on without ever knowing but something clicked and I made a decision that I just “had to know”! With the impetus of my niece, Sandra and one of her early school projects, I began my search.

It is NOT my purpose to seek famous ancestors (although some have been found) nor do I hope to find a link to a former President or movie star, (although some of them have been found too). The true purpose, is to share what I find about whom we are and “from whence we came”... all of us who are somehow connected to these two families!

With this knowledge, perhaps we might all know better "…whither we goeth." Genealogy, in my opinion, is for sharing, and without sharing, it has no purpose.
My hope is that everyone who is a part of the family will feel the same.

To my neice, Sandra, now Mrs. Jozwiak, for the inspiration to begin the journey ~ without her, this effort would never have started or exist today.
AND, to all of the ancestors of our families for without them, none of us would be here reading this today.
I want thank my family, (those I know and those I don't know) for their stories, pictures, memories and information all of which help to make this website more meaningful.

Sandra Michelle Lachance Jozwiak and Husband David
Congratulations Sandra & David
Be sure to see the Events Page for pictures of the wedding.
Is there an Ultimate Goal?
My Goal Many before me have published works about "family", including the Lachance family. For their efforts, I am grateful. Throughout these pages, acknowledgements are made where known.

My ultimate goal (I suspect this will probably take the rest of my life to complete) is to put together as much as I can find, including permanently digitized images, write it to a CD (or other medium) and make it available to any member of our family that wants the information. I am doing this with the intent of allowing both present and future generations to know "from whence they came".

For reasons of personal choice, these future generations will become "my descendents" and this effort is my way of "carrying on" within the family.

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More Information
Warning - Please Read
Requisite Warning Notice
Please Read:
Some of my information is documented and some of it is not. I cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here unless I have documentation. The facts about any given individual may recently have been changed or may be incorrect. If you should find errors here...please please, tell me what they are so I can correct them. If you have personal knowledge of, or documentation about, any of the individuals in this family please help by allowing me to copy or include your information. You may use the E-mail link on the left to contact me, or, use one of the other means listed in the "About Me" page, also available by clicking on the link to the left.
The "Family Tree" / Names DatabaseThe Tree (Names Database)
I have included a complete "internet viewable" family database on this website. It is updated to the website as often as is practical.
It should not contain dates or personal information about any living person or for any person born after 1920. View the database by clicking on "Names Database" link in the navigation bar. A new page, the "Surname Introduction" page will tell you both the date of the last update AND the number of people currently in the database.
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It is my hope and desire that any person who should view these pages find them useful and enlightening. Moreover, I hope I might generate a desire for any family member to help me continue the search and to help build these pages. Finally, I hope the information found here might cause everyone associated with the Lachance and Bussell families to think about "from whence we came" in order that it may help them find out "whither we goeth"
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Lachance & Bussell Families
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